Welcome to Soil Matters

Soil Matters is a unique company founded by Brian and Shelby Vagg, and Keisha and Casey Ernst, all of whom are experienced soil food web consultants. They come from diverse backgrounds and bring different specialties to the table. Keisha and Casey are experts in making bio-focused compost at a large scale and organizing community events around microbe farming. Brian and Shelby, on the other hand, come from a technological background and specialize in homesteading and helping large-scale farmers work towards a biological focused farming approach.

Soil Matters is a consultation, application, and education-based company that aims to transform growing operations to focus on soil health. Our ultimate goal is to significantly impact the lives of the producers and consumers of plants under our care, while contributing to a sustainable ecosystem that enriches all life it supports. Soil Matters provides education and outreach to inform clients and the general public about the benefits and practices needed to improve soil health. 

Soil Matters is committed to improving soil health and creating a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all living beings. With our experience, expertise, and passion for the work we do, we are confident in our ability to make a significant difference in the lives of our clients and the environment.

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